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Triple increased media coverage and positive reputation

GLOBALDRIVE — sport goods and techniques
6 months of work (current project)
  • Already 189 publications in media - increased sum of publications in 2 times, comparing to previous year
  • Over 25 million people of total coverage – triple increased coverage, comparing to previous year
  • 70% of publications in Tier 1 media
  • Double increased positive publications
  • Declined negative publications from 8% to 0% for 2 months
  • Positive search results of Google and Yandex
How we did it:
  • Articles & comments by brand experts in Tier 1 media
  • Brand news about novelties, business events, market research, etc.
  • Integrations in mass event
  • Special projects with top media such as Men's Health, Techinsider, Championat, etc.
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