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Brand launch in media & SEO influencing

XUYONI – premium non-gender cosmetics brand from Southern Korea
1 year of work
  • To launch a new product line
  • To show the competitive advantages
  • To increase brand awareness
  • SEO influencing on the local market
  • over 15 million people of media reach
  • more than 70% of publication are indexed in search systems and have hyperlinks – that affected good on SEO performance of website
  • 65 news and expert articles in top digital mass media
  • 30 blogger cooperations and more than 90 stories in Instagram
  • All publications have strong key message of brand new non-gender cosmetics made with high provided technologies
  • All publications are uncommercial
How we did it:
  • Only top lifestyle and digital glossy media
  • Novelty news
  • Product testings by journalists and bloggers
  • Expert articles from founder
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